At Mountainview Kinesiology, our team of registered kinesiologists provide you with effective exercise rehabilitation therapies for all soft tissue injuries, core stability, weight loss, stretching, strengthening and cardio training. At your first visit, you will receive a full injury assessment and capacity evaluation, including a detailed physical examination and a one-on-one assessment. A customized, active rehabilitation program will be developed to meet your specific needs.

Our Kinesiologists can provide programs at one of many gyms or pools located across the Lower Mainland. As well, home visits can be arranged if this better suits your needs. At Mountainview Kinesiology, we have been providing personalized and caring therapy for over 15 years. Our core philosophy is to practice safe and effective training while encouraging clients to reach and work at their potential. As well, our staff provide not only their expertise, but a caring and motivating environment in which you will excel. Our clients matter to us and your recovery is our main goal.